Hlavatce, CZE
9. − 13.11.2022

MiniCon 2022

About us

KRAZ z.s. organises events for members of the furry community (as KRAZ, Furrstein or Fursuit Halloween Prague) for many years. MiniCon is their oldest brother.

MiniCon will take place in the lovely village of Hlavatce, not far from the town of Tábor, between 9.11. - 13.11.2022. Consite is open from 16:00 (4:00 p.m.). Consite is located at flat-land surrounded by forests, countless ponds and villages. Closest grocery store is COOP, located in the same town, as well as a restaurant.


The surroundings of the consite lures for various trips. You can choose between Borkovice swamps with peat-bogs, the preserve of Černice (founded in 1586 by Peter Vok from Rožmberk) with fallow-deers and deers, unique chain bridge at Stádlec, Dobronice castle ruins, or trail along the Lužnice river, crossing celtic burial grounds, leading to royal city Tábor.

Not far from Hlavatce you can find the ancient royal city Bechyně, with its minorite monastery, castle, and picturesque historical center.

Don't forget to visit local national monument, the Zvíkov castle, which is related to the house of Přemyslids, and is guarding the valley with the Orlík dam since year 1234. When you are finished with the castle, feel free to visit the courtyard brewery Zvíkov in the bailey, where you can taste various kinds of local beer called Černá Labuť (Black Swan).

Self-service bar

Self-service bar will be traditionally available in the kitchen on the first floor.


Kamenice nad Lipou

This year we've brought you draft beer from nearby Kamenice craft brewery, which've been producing beer from 15th century. Townspeople held the brewing right for a long time. The beer production was taken over by nobility at the beginning of 17th century and the first brewery by the castle was founded. The look of today's brewery was created by the extensive reconstruction of Baron Geymüller which took place between 1860 and 1861. The project was megalomaniac and atypical in many cases according to the brewery experts. Building of brewery in Kamenice partly gave an impulse to modernization of the neighbouring competing breweries, so the planned capacity of 20,000 hl was never reached. The brewery successfully survived both World Wars but due to the nationalization and the advent of communist regime was definitively closed on June 30, 1947.

The building was purchased by the Brewery Kamenice Ltd. in the spring of 2016 with the intention of restoring the beer brewing. Mr. Milan Houška is the founder of the whole project. He decided to invest capital obtained from a previous business in engineering to save the old brewery and restore the historical appearance of the brewery. Both a large brewery and a microbrewery produce beer at present. The microbrewery serves for brewer´s experiments and beer workshops.



Legendary Czechoslovak drink with unique taste and aroma. A softly sparkling cola drink with unusual but addictive taste. Made of 14 herbs mixture and fruit juices flavoured with licorice. Created in 1960 and found nowhere in the world but in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

How to get here

By car, using the provided GPS coordinates. Parking is available in front of the pension and neighboring parking sites near the building itself. Driving into the yard is forbidden!

By train: From Prague to Soběslav, where from, there'll be a free shuttle* aviable to take you from the station to the consite itself.

By Bus: Bus station Hlavatce is located 100m from the pension.


* More information about the shuttle will be in the registration email after selecting Shuttle option in registrations menu.


Address: Penzion Hlavatce, 391 73 Hlavatce (Mapy.cz nebo Google Maps)